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Our journey began in 2014, when we took a totally unknown road, driven by the goal of obtaining healthy, 100 per cent made in Romania products. We researched crops which would thrive in our country and we came up with the idea of a field of medicinal herbs. Then, after a meeting with the representatives of a tea producer, we found out that special fruit-bearing shrubs, like aronia (black chokeberry), are uncommon in Romania, especially those grown organically. That’s how we got to gather information and set our minds on our first plants: lavender and elderberry. We visited an elderberry production farm in Northern Hungary and we were impressed by the large areas cultivated with elderberry shrubs and by the professionalism of the owners. So, without further hesitation, in February 2014, we ordered elderberry plants from a specialized farm in Hungary. We did have our doubts, of course. We were afraid that the Hungarian elderberry shrubs would not adapt to Romanian climate, especially to the climate of the Romanian Plains.

And because during our research trips we fell in love with lavender, we thought that a lavender area of 5,000 square metres  would not be an impossible dream. True, everybody doubted that anything would grow on the land we leased, let alone lavender. We dismissed all those concerns and, in the autumn of 2014, we had our crop of elderberry and lavender up and running. Next winter, we waited for spring with the bated breath.  To our pleasant surprise, spring came with good news. More than 80 per cent  of elderberry shrubs and more than 90 per cent of lavender plants sprouted. So we become confident.

Continuing in the same vein, and having at our disposal an additional area of 3 hectars, we thought of aronia, a plant similar to elderberry and renowned for its fruits rich in antioxidants, 15 times as much as blueberries or pomegranates to be more exact. The research process was similar as in the case of elderberry, but we took the plants from a different region. We got in touch with owners of aronia production farms in Poland and we visited them to see for ourselves how serious they were. We got the chance to see how green we were compared to farmers with more than 30 years experience in this field. But hope springs eternal, and, lo and behold, one year later, our crop of aronia was established.   

This is how Sana Plant Extract was born, a name that expresses the essence of our activity: Healthy Plants Extracts.

In the next three years, with a day-to-day careful nurturing, our plants grew up. Three years after the first elderberry crop and two years after the first aronia crop, our estimated harvest exceeded in quantity. We had to deal with harvesting, storing, and selling of 6 to7 tons of fruits, when we expected maximum 4 to 5 tons. We had to start processing them and turning them into natural juice, produced exclusively from aronia fruits (Aronia Melanocarpa), without added sugar, preservatives and additives.

This is how the juice Aromela was created, from the scientific name of aronia, AROnia MELAnocarpa.We take pride in the fact that we have a product entirely made in Romania. 

In addition to the juice produced entirely from aronia fruits, in 2017 we started to make mixtures of aronia and elderberry, and starting with 2018 we intend to make mixtures of aronia and blackberries and elderberries.

The main features of all our products are:

  • The fruits are organic, certified by renowned European bodies.  
  • The fruits are harvested at the right time when their quality is optimal
  • The fruits are processed shortly after the harvest.
  • The mixtures contain only the juice of fruits, without preservatives, additives, water etc. 

Pictures with aronia and elderberry – spring 2017- Sana Plant Extract SRL Farm

Digi24, ferma Aromela, august 2018.

Ziarul financiar, 2018, despre ferma Aromela.

Plantatia de lavanda, 2018, film 1.

Socata, reportaj ProTV, ferma Aromela.

Super-planta, reportaj ProTV, ferma Aromela.

Socata, bautura copilariei noastre, interviu Antena 3, ferma Aromela.

Radio România Antena Satelor, Emisiunea "VremSaStii" cu AmaliaVelea si Melania Cozea, despre aronia.

Ziarul Financiar, 2019, despre ferma Aromela.

Impresii la sfarsit de proiect Servicii Integrate de Export pentru IMM-urile din Romania.

Secretul reusitei plantatiei de arbusti, reportaj ProTv, septembrie 2019, ferma Aromela.

Afacerea în care și-a investit toți banii o familie din București. Acum se bucură de profit, reportaj ProTV, iunie 2020. 

"Sanatatea cu de toate", TVR2, 21 iunie.

Agro TV, reportaj Naturevo, noiembrie 2020

Afacerea care se dezvoltă sănătos și eco, în Cătunul, din Dâmbovița, Repoterpenet, iunie 2020 

De ce ai nevoie de sucul de mure si aronia,

A vrut o casă la țară, departe de București și a construit Aromela, o plantație ecologică de soc, aronia și lavandă,, iunie 2021.

Melania Cozea sau secretele succesului în Energie și Agricultură ecologică,, octombrie 2022.

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