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Organic juice of Aronia and Elderberry Juice, packaged in bottles, with the capacity of 0.25 L. Packaging recommended for consumers who have low storage space in the refrigerator! Juice prepared exclusively from aronia fruit and ecological fruit tree plantation shock. No additives, preservatives, flavors or dyes!

Organic juices AROMELA are juices obtained from organic, cold pressed and then pasteurized fruits for use over a longer period of time. In the pasteurization process, the temperature of the product rises rapidly, then lowers. The process is completely safe and healthy and similar to preparing home cans for the winter. However, different from the home-made process and advanced solutions, pasteurization minimizes the loss of vitamins sensitive to temperature, mineral salts or macronutrients. The role of the process is to preserve nutritional value, destroying at the same time microorganisms and enzymes, which, stored in juice, would lead to the natural fermentation process.

About aronia:

Aronia or chokeberry is shrub almost unkown in Romania which has very remarkable properties.In our country it is known as

“Scorus Negru” but it’s properties where long forgotten.

If until now you were used to be told that blueberries,cranberries or the seabuckthorn are the fruits with therapeutic properties,after you meet the Chokeberry you will be convinced that this is the “king fruit”.Aronia or chockeberry comes from North America,where it grows at altitudes of 1000-1200 m on wet and acid soils.It’s a though bush,very resistant to cold.

The fruits produced by the aronia shrub are considered to be Super-fruits.They are small,black or red(depending of the type of aronia bush)and have a bitter taste.Aronia is known around the world because it’s fruits contain 15 times more antioxidants than the blueberries or pomegranates.

It’s therapeutical properties are:

Excelent general stimulant,helps detoxification process,prevent cardiovascular deseases,sustains the elasticity of blood vessel,improves sight,has antihistaminic effect,good anti-inflammatory,anticancer properties,regulates blood sugar and helps control your body weight.Aronia fruits  have the highest antioxidant level compared to other berries,beating even the blueberries or the blackcurrants.Also,scientist say that aronia has one of the highest levels of flavonoids: Anthocyanin and Proanthocyanidin responsible for fighting against free radicals.Scientific studies show that a high concentration of polyphenol, flavonoids,anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin are found in aronia fruits.More,it also has vitamin B2,B6,C,E,folic acid.

Consuming aronia improves brain health,including memory loss,balance loss and coordination,but also it fights against Alzheimer.

The substances found in the chokeberry fruit help lowering blood sugar level so it is a great supplement against high cholesterol,hight blood pressure and even obesity.

A diet which contains aronia  improves response from insulin and lowers the concentration of glucose found in blood.

Studies show that those who consumed one glass of aronia juice per day for 6 weeks felt a 22% better response to insulin.

About Elderberry:

The elderberry is and indigenous shrub,being part of the Caprifoliaceae family.It has sharp leafs and little white flowers,the plant being able to reach heights of 10m.

In traditional medicine elderberry fruits are used to cleanse the body from toxins.

The process of accumulating toxins it’s cause by the consumption of food with additives,tabacco or alcohol.It’s also caused by air pollution,obesity or  a sedentary life.

Detoxification reduces the appeareance of chronical fatigue,constipation,bloating,indigestion,headaches,the sensation of limb weight.It also reduces the water retention in your body,eliminating toxins and residual products from your body.Aronia fruits contain amino acid,bioflavonoids,carotenoids,flavonoids,sugars.tannins,vitamin A,B,C in large quantities

It s very important that you don’t used the stem,leaves,or fruits which are not ripped because they contain a high amount of cyanide glycosides.

The elderberry can work as an:anti-oxidant,it stimulates the immune system,detoxifying, antipyretic,painkiller,antitussive,expectorant,skin softner,diuretic,laxative,antiseptic,anti-inflammatory,anti-cellulite,antiallergic.

The elderberry extract can be used for:chronical fatigue,stress,immune system deficiency,colds,flu,influenza,fever,inflammatory rhinitis,dry cough,pharyngitis,tonsillitis,sinusitis,bronchitis,asthma,pneumonia,arthritis,arthrosis,nerve pain,sciatica,gout,nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis,urolithiasis,renal colic,obesity,diets,hormonal disturbance,ovarian cyst, polycystic ovaries,uterine fibroids,psoriasis,skin allergy,acne and even cancer.

The information presented on this site is for educational purposes and should not be used to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They are offered to guide the consumer, do not replace the advice of the doctor and / or other specialist, do not replace the treatments and medicines prescribed by the authorized medical staff.

Detinator notificare: SC Sana Plant Extract SRL; Adresa: Sat Catunu, nr. 270 C, Comuna Cornești, Judeţul Dâmbovița; Tel./Fax.: 0752246140;;
Ingrediente: Suc de Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa)# -50 %; suc de Soc (Sambucus nigra) #-50 % (# suc din fructe proaspete rezultate din cultură ecologică; produs pasteurizat la temperatura de 82°C; certificat ecologic RO-ECO- 018 Austria Bio Garantie GmbH).
Mod de utilizare şi doza recomandată pentru consumul zilnic:: Adulţi și copii cu vârsta de peste 14 ani, 50 mL suc ca atare sau diluat în apă, de două ori pe zi
Atentionari: Nu se recomanda consumul de catre copii, femei însărcinate sau care alăptează. A nu se depăşi doza recomandată pentru consumul zilnic. A nu se lăsa la îndemâna şi la vederea copiilor mici.
Notificare: SNPMAPS 11860/2018
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