Bio elderberry juice, bulk, delivery to the bag of 10 l

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Organic elderberry juice, packaged in bag-in-box with tap, with a capacity of 10L. Bulk product, intended for medium/large consumers.

Juice prepared exclusively from elderberries from our own plantation produced organically. No additives, preservatives, flavors or dyes!

✔️ Seasonal protection. Elderberries have been studied for their ability to provide quick and effective support and have quickly become one of the most popular sources of antioxidants available, perfect for year-round protection.
✔️ Racorous and convenient. With a tasty natural aroma of berries, whether you are shopping for the family or for yourself.

✔️ Action-acting organic product. The juice is loaded with flavonoids, the nutrient that gives the elderberries a strong purple color. 
✔️ Pure, safe and highly effective organic, vegan and non-GMO antioxidant
✔️ The Flavouring product is approved as a dietary supplement to ensure that you receive the purest, safest and highest quality product on the market.

Attention! Elderberry juice is a dietary supplement. Follow the instructions for use on the label (consume a maximum of 50 ml 2 times a day).

AROMELA organic juices are juices obtained from organic fruits, cold pressed and then pasteurized, for use in a longer period of time.

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