Organic juice of 4 fruits (strawberries, aronia, blackberries. elderberry)

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Organic juice obtained from 4 berries, in equal proportions, slightly sweetened with honey (4%). The juice is suitable for those who want to consume a juice full of vitamins but do not opt for a certain fruit. In addition, the balanced fruit mixture gives the product a special taste and easy to drink.

Juice prepared exclusively from fruits from our own plantation produced in organic system. No additives, preservatives, flavors or dyes! The juice contains light traces of pulp, coming especially from the strawberry, to which the separation of the pulp from the juice does not take place in a proportion of 100%, in the case of cold pressing.

AROMALA organic juices are juices obtained from organic fruits, cold pressed and then pasteurized, for use in a longer period of time.

In the pasteurization process, the temperature of the product rises rapidly, then goes down. The process is entirely safe and healthy and similar to preparing homemade canned food for the winter. However, different from the homemade process and due to advanced solutions, pasteurization minimizes the loss of temperature-sensitive vitamins, mineral salts or macronutrients. The role of the process is to preserve the nutritional value, while destroying microorganisms and enzymes, which, kept in juice, would lead to the natural fermentation process.

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