7 Surprising Elderberries Benefits

Aid in Digestion

Dr. Paulo D Picon and his team of researchers published a report in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine that stated that although most fruits and vegetables can help hit our fiber goals for the day, few fruits can boast more than 40% of our daily requirements for fiber in a single serving. Elderberries are packed with dietary fiber that can help eliminate constipation, reduce excess gas, and generally increase the health of your gastrointestinal system. Fiber can also help increase the nutrient uptake efficiency in your gut so you get more out of your food!

Improve Heart Health

A study published in the Phytotherapy Research revealed that high fiber levels in elderberries help eliminate excess cholesterol from the system and make room for HDL (good) cholesterol that the body needs. This can help eliminate the chances of developing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular issues. Additionally, a diet rich in flavonoids like anthocyanins has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease. The high level of potassium in elderberries also protects the heart by relaxing the tension of blood vessels and arteries. As a vasodilator, potassium can significantly reduce blood pressure and keep your heart healthy!

Improve Respiratory Health

When it comes to clearing up a sore throat, a cough, cold, bronchitis, or any other issue that affects your respiratory system, elderberry juice might be your best choice. Like many cough syrups, elderberry syrup contains active ingredients (bioflavonoids like anthocyanins, to be exact) that can soothe inflammation and irritation. The syrup also acts as an expectorant and clear out phlegm that can trap foreign agents in your glands. Elderberry juice is even recommended for people with asthma. According to a study in the Journal of International Medical Research, flu patients who were given a dosage of elderberry syrup recovered in 3-4 days earlier than those who were not given these supplements. 

Boost Immunity

Elderberry syrup has certain antibacterial and anti-infectious qualities and is very commonly used to ward off influenza during bad seasons where it seems like everyone is catching it. Furthermore, elderberries can protect against the effects of autoimmune disorders, even alleviating certain symptoms and the associated pain of AIDS. A 2011 paper published in the Romanian Biotechnological Letters, cited a study in which rats who were given elderberry polyphenols were found to aid immune defenses by raising the number of WBCs. 

Control Diabetes

The active antioxidant ingredients in elderberries work directly on the pancreas to regulate insulin and glucose levels. This either provides stability for people who suffer from diabetes or help non-diabetics to avoid developing this terrible condition. 

Improve Bone Health

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds found in elderberries can help alleviate joint pain and soreness from inflammation. The high levels of essential minerals help promote bone strength and the development of new bone tissue. Osteoporosis is a condition that millions of people face in the later years of their life, but increasing bone density during your younger years can delay the onset considerably.

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