Organic honey cream with blackberry, spreadable, 230 gr

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Organic cream of honey with blackberry, made of organic honey polyflora (80%) and blackberry raw pasta (20%), unpasteurized product.

The product is packaged in a glass jar of 230 gr.

Why is this product special? Because it preserves the qualities of the blackberry fruit in its entirety. In addition it is a product that can be kept at room temperature. 

It can be used both as such and for various preparations, along with a yogurt, rice with milk, semolina or even pancakes.  It is a very easy and pleasant way to make an aronia cure. It can also be used by children of the age at which they are allowed to consume honey.

To make a jar of 230 gr were used about 100 gr of blackberryfruit. The fruits were cold pressed, then, from the resulting juice, the water was extracted by an innovative process. 

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