Shipments and returns

We offer the following delivery methods in Romania: Cargus (all over the country) and taking from headquarters (Catunu, Dambovita).

Delivery time is usually 23 business days.

To taking from the headquarters, please let us know by phone or email the date and time of the product lifting at least 24 hours before that date.

For courier delivery you will pay 25 Ron fee. Orders over 200 RON are promoted with free shipping. This option is available only on the territory of Romania.

If the products are delivered to your address, couriers will try to deliver them twice. After two unsuccessful delivery attempts the order will be returned to our store.

After you place your order, you will be contacted by phone or by sms / email from a company representative to confirm the order.

The cost of delivery within the European Union will be agreed with the customer according to the transporter identified by the customer or at the request of the cleanser by Sana Plant Extract SRL.

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