Lavender flowers, bouquet, dried, certified organic.

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Lavender flowers with rod, bouquetel. The price is in lei/piece. 

The bouquet has the following dimensions: about 13-15 cm long, about 5 cm girth, weight about 10 gr.

Lavender flowers can be used for the preparation of teas and tinctures. These, beyond the special flavor, have a beneficial role on the body (recommended for regulating tension, the immune system, against stress and insomnia).
The flowers have carminative action and weak nerve stimulant effects.
It is used internally for carminative action, in digestive disorders, in headache and as a general stimulant in the form of potions, as a flavoring and corrective. It enters the composition of anti-asthmatic cigarettes.
Phytotherapeutic products from lavender have calming, diuretic, choleretic, antiseptic and healing action. Phytotherapy with lavender preparations is indicated in neurasthenia, overwork, states of nervous irritability, migraines and other headaches, kidney and liver diseases.
On an even larger scale, it is used in the cosmetics industry, in the manufacture of products for the maintenance of face and hands, soaps and detergents.
The insecticidal effect of lavender flowers can be useful in the household to combat moths. For this purpose, the plant settles between the clothes, they will also have a pleasant smell.

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